Expert Services from a Residential Air Conditioning Contractor in Stafford TX

When an air conditioner fails to keep the indoor climate consistent and comfortable, it’s time to call the professionals. Once a homeowner has changed the filter, checked the thermostat batteries, or reset power to the unit, there is really nothing else they can do to improve the situation. At this point, an experienced Residential Air Conditioning Contractor in Stafford TX will need to be hired. Continuing to operate a flailing unit will result in excess indoor humidity, an increase in the monthly energy bill, and the potential for the unit to completely break down due to continuous usage.

Any homeowner experiencing an HVAC problem that requires immediate attention can depend on a company like Sun Air Conditioning & Heating to provide a quick resolution. Their 24/7 emergency service gives customers the chance to resume their daily lives with only a minor disruption. The company employs a staff of technicians that have been trained to work on a wide assortment of HVAC brands and models, ensuring that no job is ever put on hold due to unfamiliarity with the machinery. Customers will be appraised of the situation as soon as the technician has inspected the unit so that they can decide how to proceed. The majority of the time an emergency call only requires standard repairs, but occasionally the problem is severe enough that the technicians must recommend complete unit replacement. When this occurs, the staff wants to be sure that the customer doesn’t feel forced into an option that is outside of their budget or personal comfort level. They will work diligently with the homeowner to ensure that the most efficient and fiscally agreeable choice is made before proceeding into an installation or major repair.

Once an HVAC unit has been repaired or a new installation has occurred, customers would be wise to partake in the company’s periodic maintenance agreement. This service provides a scheduled visit from a Residential Air Conditioning Contractor in Stafford TX in which the unit will be inspected, cleaned, lubricated, and have a full diagnostic test performed. If anything is found amiss, repair recommendations will be made. This applies to both the heating and air conditioning parts of the HVAC system which makes it well worth the investment. Customers will not only avoid unexpected future AC expenses, they can comfortably enjoy the cold winter months without worrying about troublesome heating issues.