Preparing for Tank Removals in Scotch Plains, NJ

The conversion of a heating system from oil to gas or electricity can be a viable option for upgrading an old system. However, there is always the question of what to do with the oil tank. The best way to free up space is to get rid of the tank itself. This job can be a bit difficult. These are some of the ways to prepare for a removal.

Often, there is a level of unused oil in the tank. All of this needs to be drained prior to the Tank Removals in Scotch Plains NJ. This layer of oil is not always usable due to the amount of debris left in the tank. A call to the oil company is necessary to get the tank completely drained. Since they will also dispose of the oil, this task should be accomplished by them.

Once the oil is removed, the area around the tank should be cleared out as well. Usually, the tank is bolted into place. These bolts will have to removed. Adequate space must be created around them so that the tank can be cut away from its supports. Depending on the rust factor and the types of bolts, advanced cutting equipment may have to be utilized to free the bolts.

Make sure to also plan an exit point for the tank removals in Scotch Plains NJ. In some cases, the tank might be wider than the doorways. For this problem, a plan will be made to cut the tank into different sections. This can make removal easier but it will take more time to do it this way. Measurements taken ahead of time can determine if this option is needed. Since there can be some residual oil leftover, make plans to cover the area with a heavy duty plastic.

The removal of the oil tank can free up a lot of space in the basement. To keep the removal process as smooth as possible, take time to prepare for it. Have as much of the oil removed as possible. Clean up the area around the tank to allow for bolt removal. Take a few measurements to determine if the tank has to be taken apart. Check out for more information regarding the removal process.