Breathe Easy With Complete Air Conditioning Cleaning in Davenport FL

The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is one of the most important appliances in any home. However, this comfort appliance can collect a lot of dust and allergens due to the amount of air that flows through it. This can create a number of concerns. For example, the dust and lint can collect in the furnace and create a potential fire hazard when the furnace is first used each year. Another concern is the allergens and odors that gets moved around every time the AC is operating. Thankfully, air conditioning cleaning in Davenport, FL can help by scrubbing out the air exchanger and removing that irritating gunk from all the air ducts.

Cleaning the air exchanger requires opening the AC. The air exchanger is located in that portion of the HVAC connected to the furnace. This is a fairly large chamber and houses the evaporator coil used for chilling the air. The coil tends to sweat and the resultant moisture that accumulates mixes with the dust in the air. This can result in musty smells in the home or even a frozen AC. Cleaning the system helps to avoid these problems. If the appliance is extremely dirty, then the technician may recommend removing the coil and cleaning it in an acid bath. This task should be handled by a professional because the refrigerant will need to be removed so the cold can be taken out.

The most important area in need of air conditioning cleaning in Davenport, FL is usually the air ducts. These are long, closed tubes that tend to collect dust, dander, and allergens. These things can accumulate in seams, around any angles or at the exit vents. There are several methods for cleaning, but the best of them require the use of a HEPA vacuum system and a method of agitating the dust loose. It also helps if the contractor thoroughly cleans and scrubs the insides with a microbicide to eliminate mold and mildew. This process should be done on any reachable surface such as the vents, inside the air exchanger and around the coil.