Managing Your A/C Consumption

When summer rolls around in Georgia, you’re going to need to run the air conditioning. It would be nice if you could save money on the electricity bill and persevere through the heat, but that’s just not realistic. Since you need to use air conditioning in Riverdale to survive the heat, here are some things to think about that might limit how often you have to run the A/C.

Direct Sunlight
Big, beautiful windows are great for letting in light. Unfortunately, with that light comes to a whole lot of warmth. Since you don’t want to have the blinds drawn for the entire summer, think about planting more trees and bushes outside the window to block and absorb some of the sun’s rays. That will allow you to keep looking outside without constantly overheating your home.

Run Fans at Night
When the outside temperature goes down a few degrees, try opening some windows and turning on a few fans. If you’re running your air conditioning in Riverdale all day and all night, you’ll really drive up your energy bill. If you can cool the house a different way during the evening, you can save yourself a lot of money.

Bake Less
It might be hard to limit your cookie consumption during the summer, but if you can stop cranking up the oven, you’ll generate a lot less heat. If you’re cooking all the time and warming the house up, you’re forcing the A/C unit to work that much harder to cool it back down. Track down some recipes for no-bake cookies or wait until the sun has gone down before throwing that pie in the oven.

Since you’re going to run the A/C in the summer, you should try to be smart about it. Take these steps to avoid overusing your air conditioning in Riverdale and then enjoy the savings while still staying cool. Click here for more details.