Why a Good Heating Repair Service in Fort Collins, CO, is a Necessity

During the winter, the last thing you want to have happen is for the heating system to falter or fail. This is especially true in Colorado, where winters can be pretty cold and nasty. It’s even worse if your heating goes out while a snowstorm happens to be passing through, burying the roads in several feet of snow along the way. Thus, there are some situations where it’s not only a good idea to have a heating repair service on speed dial, but it’s also a distinct necessity. Here are a few of these circumstances:

You Have a Small Child

Infants and young children are very vulnerable to extreme colds, primarily because their bodies cannot regulate temperature as well as adult bodies can. More heat actually escapes their bodies through the skin, which is why parents always wrap their young ones in blankets and put hats on them when they take them outside during winter. The lack of adult fat to help insulate them is another concern. If your heating goes out, make certain that your little ones are wrapped in blankets while you wait for the heating repair service in Fort Collins, CO to bring your heater back to life.

You’re Older or Have an Older Relative Living with You

Similar to the very young population, the older generation is also more susceptible to extreme colds. They can easily develop hypothermia, the flu, or even fall victim to pneumonia during cold winters. About half of all adults who die from hypothermia are over 65 years old. After you call a heating repair service, carefully watch any elderly relative until the heat is back on. At the very least, take them somewhere with a small space heater after you speak to the professionals at Advanced Comfort. If that’s not an option, watch for drowsiness, shivering, exhaustion, and memory loss. Take them to the emergency room if they show a few of these symptoms.