Tips for Hiring a Heating Contractor in Norristown, PA

Everyone who owns a heating and air conditioning system will need to call an expert for repairs or maintenance at some point. Heating systems break down for various reasons, and they need to be replaced after 15 years or so. Maintenance can include cleaning the ducts and filters. If you plan to hire a heating contractor in Norristown, PA, you’ll want to do the following:

Be prepared to describe the problem accurately. Make sure you know the manufacturer of the system you have and the age of the system. Know where the points of access are in the house, and make a list of symptoms to help the contractor have a clear understanding of the problem. For example, are there cold spots in the house? Is the furnace making more noise than it used to?

Ask for recommendations. If a friend or coworker can verify that a contractor does quality work and communicates with customers honestly, you can feel more confident in hiring that person or company. If you are investigating a particular company, ask for contact information of previous customers. Checking out review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp can also give you useful information about other customers’ experiences.

Make sure that the heating company and its employees are qualified to work on your equipment. They should have proper licensing, training on the equipment you have, and at least five years of experience. If a less-experienced employee or trainee will be working on your system, make sure he or she is supervised by an experienced technician.

Once you hire a heating repair company, make sure to get a written estimate and stipulate the maximum amount that you are willing to pay. Also, make sure that company will guarantee its work. It is important to get this information in writing so that there are no disputes later on. A good company will always be willing to stand behind its work.

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