Stay Warm With Heaters, Fireplaces and Furnaces in New Haven, IN

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to trim the tree, hang the lights, and turn on the heater in many areas. However, a cut tree can quickly dry out and become combustible, starting a fire that can destroy a home in minutes. Tree fires are only one way heating can damage a home during winter, but staying warm doesn’t have to be risky. To keep the family safe, follow these simple rules for winter heating.

Schedule a Seasonal Checkup

To keep carbon monoxide from getting into the home, Furnaces in New Haven IN should be checked for proper exhausting. Carbon monoxide exposure can cause death and, because the gas is odorless, the homeowner may not realize the problem until it is too late. Get the furnace inspected and cleaned once per year by a licensed technician who can ensure its safe and efficient operation. Ask the tech to inspect the vent system where it protrudes through the roof and where it connects to the unit.

Inspect and Clean the Fireplace

No matter whether it is used for heating, a winter fire is a simple pleasure. Before using the fireplace, be sure it’s been inspected and cleaned within the past two seasons. Most people do not realize their gas fireplace needs just as much maintenance as a wood-burning stove requires. Built-up rust and cracks can cause smoke and carbon monoxide to leak into the home. In a wood stove, creosote can catch fire. Either way, the home can be damaged or destroyed.

Use Portable Heaters With Caution

Space heaters can help budget-conscious homeowners save energy, especially for those who live alone. When selecting a unit, the homeowner should choose one that’s certified and inspected by an independent lab like ETL or UL, and ensure that it has an automatic shutoff feature that activates when the heater gets too hot or is pushed over.

While some people know what to do to stay safe during the winter, a new homeowner may not know which heating precautions to take. By following the tips on this list, a homeowner can prevent many potentially dangerous issues. For help with Furnaces in New Haven IN, count on Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning for prompt, professional service.