When To Call An Air Conditioning Technician

There are several things that can go wrong with a complex system like central air conditioning. There is little the homeowner can do beyond replacing the filter, a dirty filter by the way is often the cause of more serious problems requiring central air repair in Chicago. The most common reasons why a professional is required are as follows:

The unit no longer cools properly:

When this happens it may be as simple as replacing the filter as noted or cleaning the coils, in many cases the problem is more serious. A central air conditioner uses a refrigerant for cooling; if there is a leak or the air conditioner is undercharged it will affect the unit’s ability to cool. Only a knowledgeable technician with the right tools will be able to track down the source of the problem and repair it. Although it is less likely, when the unit fails to cool as it once did it might be a sign that there has been compressor failure.

Strange noises:

Strange noises are an indication that something is wrong. When you first turn the air conditioning on in the spring don’t worry too much about a few chirps and squeaks but if they don’t go away or you hear a rapid clicking noise this could indicate a relay has failed and needs to be replaced.

Cost of cooling goes up:

If the cost per Kw stays the same but your electricity bill keeps going up it usually means the system is losing its efficiency. Eventually everything comes to an end, if it reaches the point where central air repair in Chicago is no longer effective then perhaps the time has come to consider replacing the unit. If the system is relatively new the problem might be low voltage at the outdoor unit or a failed capacitor, both of which require professional attention.

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