Reasons to Schedule Air Conditioner Replacement in Ocean View

There are times when replacing an HVAC unit would be nice, and there are other times when it is a necessity. New systems are up to 60% more efficient than their older counterparts, and while efficiency is a good reason to upgrade, most homeowners don’t replace the system until absolutely necessary. Below are some signs that it may be time for Air Conditioner Replacement in Ocean View.

Repairs are Becoming More Frequent

An HVAC system may be approaching the end of its useful life if it does not provide the appropriate cooling or if repairs are needed frequently. Downtime is inevitable with an aging system, but monthly repairs may indicate the need for replacement. A new system can help homeowners avoid the cost of repairs for years, and it can help them save money and time as well.

Longer Cycles

Over time, a heating and cooling unit’s performance will decline, meaning that it must stay on longer to accomplish the same goal. While changes are often gradual, homeowners should consider replacement if they notice that the system is staying on for an abnormally long period.

Increasing Utility Bills

Along with increased run, times come higher utility bills, which are more likely to be noticed by users. If monthly cooling and heating bills are rising with no corresponding spike in usage, the owner should consider Air Conditioner Replacement in Ocean View. In many cases, a system can pay for itself within a year or two in the form of lower energy consumption and repair costs.

Changes in Humidity

If the indoor air seems dry in winter and moist in the spring and summer, the HVAC system could be in danger of failure. The unit helps to control indoor humidity, and related issues could indicate that the system is nearing the end of its lifespan.


Considering the unit’s age is a good way to put its issues into perspective. Generally, an air conditioning unit loses efficiency and reaches the end of its service life after about 20 years. If a homeowner experiences one or more of the above-listed issues and the unit is approaching its second decade, there’s little to do but to replace the system. Visit website to schedule service or for more information.