Get Ready For Summer With Air Conditioner Service in Derby, KS

It may be cold and winter now, but not very long ago, the record summer heat was almost unbearable. If another summer arrives with record heat again, it would be wise to be prepared by contacting a company that has experience in Air Conditioner Service in Derby KS. Proper maintenance on a cooling system will extend its life and reduce energy costs. The best time to have the cooling system serviced is before the summer arrives and it’s going to be used. Waiting until the heat is unbearable will only leave the occupants of the home uncomfortable and miserable.

An easy thing that every homeowner can do is keep the filter clean. Depending on the use the system receives, a filter needs to be changed on a monthly basis. Animals in the home will increase the number of times a filter needs to be changed. Keeping the filter clean will help the moving parts from being clogged with dirt or debris and will reduce energy costs. Maintenance of an air conditioning system can include:

 *      A refrigerant charge. A 10% loss of coolant will increase the cooling cost by 20% in electrical costs. It can cause wear on the unit.

 *      The voltage and amperage should be checked on all electrical motors.

 *      Air flow traveling across the indoor cooling coil.

 *      Fan belts should be checked for signs of wear or cracks.

 *      The air flow across the outdoor coil condenser needs to be checked.

 *      The indoor fan relay and electrical wiring connections can become loose and should be inspected.

 *      Drain lines can become clogged and must be cleaned.

 *      Checking the compressor because it’s a very important component of every air conditioning system.

Air conditioner service in Derby KS should be performed each year before the hotter months arrive. When your air conditioning system is maintained, it can cut monthly energy costs by up to 25%. It can double the lifespan of the unit and reduce the chance of major breakdowns in the future. If your home or business wants to be ready for the summer months, please feel free to visit to find out more.