Understand the Importance of Protecting Your Family With an Indoor Air Quality System in Edmond OK

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside homes and other types of buildings is often more polluted than the outside air in some of the largest cities across the country. Because individuals spend the vast majority of their time indoors, it is more vital than ever homeowners consider purchasing an indoor air quality system in Edmond, OK. These systems help to remove the harmful pollutants in the air so the occupants of a home are not in danger.
The most common sources of indoor pollution are:

• Radon is linked to lung cancer.

• Carbon monoxide leads to sluggishness, dizziness, and possible death.

• Nitrogen dioxide has the same risks as carbon monoxide.

• Organic gases cause dizziness and nausea in the short-term and cancer in the long-term.

• Tobacco smoke can cause lung cancer, throat cancer, and heart disease

• Formaldehyde can cause upper respiratory irritation and may be the cause of cancer.

The most effective indoor air quality system in Edmond, OK is one that is meant to work with the air duct system of a home. These clean the air before it even enters the home and continuously work to keep harmful pollutants filtered away where they cannot harm the occupants of a home.

There are three types of filtration available so it is important a homeowner carefully researches to ensure they are able to make the best choice for their home. Particle removal is carried out through mechanical filters and HEPA filtration. Gaseous pollutants are removed with gas-phase air filters but are limited to only one or two types. Pollutant destruction filters use UV lights to destroy pollutants.

It can be difficult to find a system that works for all of the needs of a home so it is imperative a homeowner works with a professional to have an effective system installed. A professional technician will carefully inspect the home and even carry out some air quality testing to ensure the right system is installed.

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