Keep That Home Comfortable With Help From an Expert Air Conditioning Contractor in Urbana

Keeping a home cool can require a lot of energy, which is one reason it is important to keep that comfort system in good repair. One way to accomplish this is to have the appliance serviced on a yearly basis. Letting an experienced Air Conditioning Contractor in Urbana clean and test the appliance can reduce the chance of failure and ensure that the system is operating at peak efficiency. Another reason that the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system should have annual service is the refrigerant level. The refrigerant for an AC carries the lubricant that protects the condenser unit. The condenser is one of the most important components in the appliance and also one of its most expensive. Proper service of the system can help the condenser last for a decade or more.

The HVAC is a complicated device designed to treat the air in a building by pumping hot or cold air through a series of vents. This means the appliance needs to be centrally located because most of these systems use large air ducts. However, an Air Conditioning Contractor in Urbana can offer alternatives. For example, a high-velocity system makes use of small tubes, typically two inches in diameter, to deliver the treated air. This allows the delivery pipes to fit inside the walls and offers more control of where the outlet vents are placed. It also makes it easier to keep the air supply properly insulated, which helps in reducing thermal loss.

Another option is the split or ductless AC. Like the HVAC, the split system uses a condenser installed outside the building. This is necessary for the elimination of any accumulated heat. The condenser used in the typical ductless system can supply enough refrigerant for eight delivery units. Each of these units will be installed in its own area or zone. Spreading out the delivery units makes it possible to control temperature levels in each zone and reduce energy consumption. One of the benefits of this comfort appliance is the ability to reverse the flow of refrigerant so the system can heat the home. This essentially swaps the function of the various coils so that any collected heat is pumped inside the building instead of released outdoors. Contact us to get service, repairs or installation for that comfort system.