Need Help With Air Conditioning Unit Installation In Norfolk, VA?

Homeowners who need a new air conditioner have a lot of choices. Most folks are familiar with central air conditioning. However, it is smart to research the new technology out there. For example, there are those who swear by ductless air conditioners. This system does not require a series of ducts in the home to operate. Rather, the unit connects to an outdoor compressor with an indoor evaporator. This system will save money on new construction. That is because a duct system does not have to be built. One can also save money by using this system for a home addition.

Contractors who handle Air Conditioning Unit Installation in Norfolk VA may recommend a heat pump. A heat pump system heats and cools the home. Further, they are very energy efficient. These units pull heat out of the air and ground to transfer it to the home. Imagine, no fuel is burned to create heat. Those who live in moderate climates will save a lot of money. There is no need to burn fuel if the temperature never gets really cold. Most heat pumps have a reversing valve that transfers heat out of the house. Coolant in the unit keeps the temperature comfortable.

Some people may like the simplicity of a portable air conditioner. They look like robots and can be moved from room to room. Most portable units run using electricity and a refrigerant to cool the air. Further, they should be ducted to a window when in use. They come in sizes from 5,000 to 10,000 BTU.

One of the latest air conditioning technologies is using solar power. This way, the homeowner cools the house for free. All that is required is a solar electric panel on the roof. The captured energy runs the AC system. Another advantage of solar AC is that it keeps the roof and the attic cool. A/C manufacturers are coming out with new products all the time. Haier has introduced units with an evaporator self-cleaning function. This new AC unit saves energy while cooling faster. If you need air conditioning unit installation in Norfolk VA, check out website for more information.