3 Common Problems Requiring Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Austin, TX

When it’s hot outside, everyone heads indoors to enjoy the comfort of their AC. But, what happens when the thermostat is turned down and everyone is still sweating? There’s a good chance that it’s time for a Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX. While it can be tempting to head out there and try to fix the problem alone, there are several common issues that can best be addressed by a professional like J & S AIR INC Austin TX.

Refrigerant Problems

One the most common problems centers on refrigerant. Sometimes, the AC wasn’t properly charged at the last repair or even at the time of installation. Others times, there could be a leak. This is definitely something to leave to the pros. They understand not only how much to add to the unit but also how to find the leak and fix the problem. Once the unit is fully charged, everything will run more efficiently and, in some cases, the house may be cooler than ever.

Compressor Problems

If things aren’t getting cold inside and there is plenty of refrigerants, the compressor could be the problem. There are several things that could be wrong. Sometimes, the compressor isn’t functioning at ideal efficiency. It could be that it just can’t maintain the right type of pressure. It could also be that it is just running slowly. Or, the compressor may no longer be working and it’s time for a replacement. In any of these instances, a technician can take a closer look at the compressor, determine the problem, and replace this part of the unit if necessary.

Fan Problems

If the fan isn’t working, cold air just isn’t making it into the house. This is one of the parts of an AC unit that works really hard, so a burned out motor could be the culprit. Or, depending on the age of the unit, the belt could either be loose or broken. In these situations, Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX by a professional is the best option. The unit can be repaired and also serviced, ensuring that it keeps everyone cool for the rest of the summer.