For Worry-Free Air Conditioning Installation, Let the Certified HVAC Techs at First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning of New Jersey Handle It

Whether you are replacing an existing air conditioner or having a completely new HVAC system installed, your choice of air conditioning installer can be even more important than your selection of your new air conditioning system.  That is because even great systems that installed improperly cannot function as they are intended, which can result in problems ranging from less efficient cooling to hazardous conditions that could lead to dangerous concentrations of waste gases in your home or even the creation of a fire hazard.

At First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning, our HVAC technicians receive continuous education, which keeps them up to date on how to install and service air conditioning equipment from all of the major brands.  The result is that our customers can feel confident that any A/C unit we install is installed properly, and will provide you all of the benefits you sought when you purchased your new system.  This is incredibly important; when you have a new system installed, you should notice an immediate improvement in your system’s cooling ability.  Your system should cool your home more quickly, run less frequently, and be less obtrusive than your old system.  When it comes time for your electric bill, you should see a difference there as well, as new systems are far more efficient than older systems.  However, you only see these benefits in a properly installed system.

At First Choice, we follow best practices with every new air conditioner installation to ensure that your new system is optimized.  From purging nitrogen from the copper tubing while we weld, using new refrigerant lines in new installations, ensuring the proper vacuum in the system, using new oil, setting proper air flow, installing appropriately-sized units, and thoroughly inspecting all of the non-replaced parts of your HVAC system, we take the time to make sure your installation is problem-free.