Unclogging A Condensate Line And Additional Information About Home Air Conditioning In Rehoboth Beach DE

If debris clogs a window air conditioner’s condensate line, water may drip onto flooring inside a home and cause damage to materials. The following steps describe how to dry flooring and clean a condensate line with standard tools and cleaning products.


* towels
* sponge mop
* portable heater
* screwdriver
* power drill
* bucket
* shop vacuum cleaner
* bleach
* detergent
* water
* tube brush

Dry Flooring And Empty A Condensate Line

After turning the power off to Home Air Conditioning in Rehoboth Beach DE, towels or a sponge mop can be used to dry flooring. If water has soaked into a floor’s surface, a portable heater should be placed near affected flooring materials to dry them. By drying flooring right away, foul odors will be eliminated. If water saturates a rug, a shop vacuum cleaner can be used to collect water from carpet fibers.

After a carpet has dried, carpet powder that contains an odor neutralizer can be sprinkled across a carpet. Granules need to remain on a carpet for a few minutes before removing them with a vacuum cleaner. A screwdriver or a power drill should be used to loosen and remove hardware that is attached to the end of a condensate line. A line needed to be pulled away from an air conditioner and tilted slightly to release water into a bucket.

Clean A Line’s Interior

A shop vacuum cleaner’s hose should be placed directly over the end of a line before turning a vacuum cleaner on. After removing loose debris, a cleaning solution that is made with bleach, detergent and water can be applied to a tube brush. Brush can be used to clean a line’s interior. A brush should be moved up and down and twisted around to remove hardened residue. After a line’s opening is clean, hardware needs to be replaced to secure a line to an air conditioner.

The opposite end of a condensate line is located outdoors. It needs to be cleaned by completing the same steps that were used to clean the end of the line that is located inside of a home. Visit company or a similar website provides additional information about repairs and installations associated with Home Air Conditioning in Rehoboth Beach DE.

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