Heating Contractors in Endicott NY Install Furnaces in Older Homes That Never Had This Equipment

Heating Contractors in Endicott NY install furnaces in new houses and replace old furnaces with new models in older homes. Sometimes they are called upon to install a furnace in an older house that has never had a furnace before. That can be a big project because this type of house usually doesn’t have ductwork or only has a minimal amount.

Replacing or Supplementing Oil or Wood Heat

What kinds of houses have never had a furnace? Many have only included other systems. An older home might have always been heated with an oil-burning stove or a wood stove centrally located in the building, for instance.

This can even work in two-story homes if a pipe from the stove was installed to reach up to the second floor. However, the heating method tends to be inadequate for parts of the house furthest from the stove and the second-floor heat register.

Expensive Electric Heat

Heating Contractors in Endicott NY may also be asked to install a furnace in a place that has always been heated with electric baseboards. Relying on electricity can be very expensive compared with other forms of heating, especially in New York State. That state has one of the most expensive residential electricity rates in the country, at nearly 50 percent higher than the national average.

In a cold region like this one, electric heat can count for more than half of a residential electric bill each year. Homeowners may do the math and figure they will recoup the cost of electric heat over the many years they enjoy their new furnace.

Hot Baseboards

Another issue with electric baseboards that prompts a change is that some of these models become too warm to safely touch. When homeowners make plans to start a family, they may feel wary of having those hot devices all over the house where crawling babies and toddlers can reach them.

Installing a wood stove would provide inexpensive warmth but it would have the same problems of hot equipment in the main living space. Instead, they prefer to have a new furnace installed by a contractor such as Fancher Appliance Inc., which can be learned about at the website. You can also visit them on Facebook.