Is It Time To Replace Your Old Forced Air Furnace?

All good things must come to an end, including the furnace in your home. Even if you have maintained and serviced it properly over the years, after 15 years or so it needs to go.

If your energy bills start to increase dramatically, even if it appears to still work reasonably well, replacing your furnace in Geneva with a modern, high efficiency unit will save you considerable money over time. You will not only save money, you can rest assured that your home will be more comfortable and considerably quieter.

In the typical home; according to the U.S. Dept of Energy, about 55 percent of the energy consumed for both heating and cooling, for heating alone the number is about 30 percent. The more efficient you’re heating and cooling system is, the lower your utility bills will be. If you have no plans to move, installing a new highly efficient furnace in Geneva makes a great deal of sense.

An older furnace is a less efficient furnace:

Any furnace installed in the early 90s is surly obsolete by now. In 1992 rigid standards were introduced by the DOE, the standards specified that 78 percent of the fuel consumed must be converted into heat; in 2013 this number was increased to 80 percent. A well made furnace in Geneva today exceeds these mandated standards by a goodly margin.

As you can see, older furnaces waste money. Older furnaces also add considerably to the “greenhouse gas” problem that we are facing.

What is the cost of a new furnace?

Buying a furnace is very different than buying other typical appliances and as such it is extremely difficult to pre-determine prices. Furnaces are sold through HVAC contractors and dealers and any price that you might see will not include installation. The only way to get an accurate fix on the cost of a furnace replacement is to contact a reputable dealer in your community.

If the furnace in your home is quite old you can save money and improve the air quality in your home by replacing your furnace in Geneva. You are invited to discuss furnace replacement and installation with us