Annual Furnace Maintenance Is Important

On average, it costs more than $1,000 to heat a home during a typical winter. With prices spiraling on everything, anything that can be done to keep costs in check or better yet, reduce them is welcome. One way that a homeowner can pare energy costs is to ensure his or her furnace in Geneva is running at peak efficiency.

What goes into a typical heating system?

A typical home heating system is comprised of three basic components:

  • A thermostat that senses the room temperature and determines when to increase the temperature
  • The furnace that generates heat and a blower that distributes it, and
  • The ducts that deliver warm air to the rooms and return cool air to the furnace

The cycle of temperature sensing, heating and distribution go on all winter long.

Why would a furnace need repairing?

The HVAC system in a home is mechanical and electrical. The various components that make up a furnace in Geneva need periodic maintenance, service, and repair. Most homeowners turn problems with their furnace over to knowledgeable technicians although there are a few things that the homeowner can do.

  • Cleaning: When the furnace is cool, remove the sheet metal panels that give access to the inside. Clean the interior well with a shop-vac, use a damp cloth to clean the blower blades and places that are difficult to reach with the vacuum. The blower motor may have a lubrication point, if it does, add a couple of drops of oil.
  • Filter change: During the heating and cooling seasons, make sure the filter is changed regularly. A clogged filter will decrease the efficiency of your system and shorten the life of various components, including the fan motor.

Other than keeping the furnace clean and replacing the filter every month or so, all other work should be done by a skilled furnace technician.