Upgrading Your Air Conditioning Unit With Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning

Do you often wonder if money should be spent on a repair or if it would be better to buy a new air conditioning unit? After considering the costs of the repair and struggling through the heat of the summer, a replacement may be just what is needed. Often times, this can not only be more energy efficient but will also save money on utility bills.

The heating and cooling professionals at Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning will help to select and install a new air conditioning unit to fit a budget and standards of the area that needs to be cooled. The advantages to this are simple and considering how they will benefit overall expenses of the home makes the decision even easier.

Fewer Repair Costs

By getting a new air conditioning unit, there will be fewer repair costs and lower costs in general. After many years of an older unit breaking down, the expense of repair has probably taken a toll on the family budget.

Lower Utility Costs

Another thing to think about when considering budget is that utility cost will be lower due to a more efficient system. The unit will not have to work as hard and will use less energy. More modern air conditioning units use up to 50% less energy than the older models resulting in a 20% cost savings in utilities annually.

Money Back

In most cases, a newer unit can qualify for a tax credit or possibly even a rebate of some sort depending on the unit that is purchased. Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning is here to inform of the many ways to save money by replacing versus repairing.


Comfort is another important aspect of determining to replace an air conditioning system. There are features on new units that now help regulate the temperatures inside of homes. The thermostat can be programmed to a temperature that will allow the unit to turn on when needed to regulate the unit to that degrees. Specific temperatures can even be set for specific times of day. This is helpful so the air conditioner is not on full blast while no one is home.

To learn more about upgrading an HVAC system or to speak with a qualified professional, Contact Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning. One of the representatives will be on hand to discuss options with you.