Tips to Repair an Air Conditioner in Cheyenne WY

People want to keep their HVAC unit running at its best for as long as possible. However, breakdowns do occur and it is crucial that homeowners be ready when they do. Remember, every unit will break down at some point, so it is best to have a professional on-call to repair your Air Conditioner in Cheyenne WY.


When servicing a mobile or fixed Air Conditioner in Cheyenne WY, its filter must be changed and a complete cleaning must be performed. This includes the ventilation and condensation systems, ducts and ventilation ducts, etc. Experts advise homeowners to remove the filter and clean it with soapy water (unless the unit has disposable filters.

The frequency of this maintenance task can be monthly for an electrostatic filter, bi-annual for an activated carbon filter, or according to manufacturer specifications. Take care of your unit by dusting it regularly: both outside and inside using a vacuum cleaner. Make sure that this is done when the air conditioner is off!

Maintaining a fixed air conditioner

A fixed air conditioner contains a refrigerant, which can be harmful. Its maintenance, therefore, requires the intervention of a professional to avoid any incident (short circuit, fire or leak). Maintenance on a fixed air conditioner should be done annually.

It is better to have your air conditioning unit checked every year, thus, preventing a breakdown. These issues always occur in the warmer seasons, or when they are significantly used. During maintenance, the professional must check the unit’s pressure, clean the unit and its filters and check that the liquid circuits have no leaks.

Inspections and maintenance

Beyond simple maintenance that can be performed by the homeowner, it is recommended to go through a professional in most cases. This is particularly the case for units containing more than 2g of refrigerant. Homeowners can do this by signing a maintenance contract with a local professional.

The expert will perform a complete cleaning of the unit, check its pressure, check for leaks, check the insulation around the circuits and make sure the entire system is working properly. Troubleshooting is also included in a maintenance contract. Contact Poudre Valley Air for more details.