Keep Your Heating In New Haven IN Operating At Its Best

Winter is far from over, and it’s important to keep your Heating in New Haven IN operating at its best. An experienced heating technician will know exactly what to do when a furnace, boiler, or heat pumps need to be repaired. If an individual has a space or room heater, the technician will also be able to perform repairs to the unit.

A properly operating heater will keep energy costs low and the temperatures in a home comfortable. Preventative maintenance will eliminate unexpected breakdowns when an individual needs their heating system the most.

What Can An Owner Do To Help With The Heating System?

An owner should regularly change their filter in their heating system. The area around a furnace or heating system should always be kept clean of clutter and cold air returns should never be blocked. A furnace should be regularly cleaned and tuned-up every year by a trained technician.

What Does A Furnace Tune-Up Include?

A furnace tune-up includes a trained technician inspecting and tightening all electrical connections, terminals, gas burners, ignitions, and pilot assembly. The technician will thoroughly vacuum and clean the heat exchanger and combustion changers. In addition, a technician will clean the exterior of the furnace, test for CO2 during unit operation, and lubricate all fan motors and moving parts.

Inspection of the flue assembly and testing of the drafting mechanism is also very important during a heating inspection. The safety controls of a furnace will be checked and the thermocouple output and pilot safety switch will be thoroughly examined by a trained technician. A technician will visually inspect ductwork and the entire system for leaks.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger of a furnace will be inspected with a camera by a trained HVAC technician. A crack in a heat exchanger means the entire furnace needs to be replaced. A cracked heat exchanger could result in a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Heating in New Haven IN is very important to keep you and your family warm throughout the rest of the winter. If you’re interested in contacting a quality HVAC contractor, please feel free to Visit the Site.