HVAC System Maintenance in Covington, GA Prevents Emergency Repairs

Many homeowners never think about calling an HVAC service contractor until their system stops working. However, this is the wrong stance to take. If you want to avoid an unexpected repair, you need to contact an air conditioning and heating contractor about regular inspections and maintenance. Doing so can help you avoid some future major expenses.

Therefore, HVAC system maintenance in Covington, GA should be made a priority. Along with regular servicing, you also want to make sure you have a matched system. The usual central air conditioning system features a two unit or split-system design.

For example, an inside unit or evaporator is featured along with an outside unit or condenser. Sometimes, when a new AC unit is replaced, the other unit, which is still working, is left alone. However, when this happens, the system may not be compatible.

Do You Have an Unmatched System?

When HVAC system maintenance is performed on an unmatched system, the following discoveries may be made:

* The newer unit will not perform as well, energy-wise
* The newer unit may not feature a warranty
* The cooling system may still use the old R22-refrigerant

Is Your AC System the Right Size?

If it is affordable, you should make sure the outside and inside units match. If you cannot make the upgrade, have regular servicing and inspections performed. You also need to keep in mind that a larger system is not always the best system. The size of the air conditioner can range from 1.5 to 5 tons.

Therefore, when you have HVAC system maintenance performed, make sure the system is the right size. The tonnage for your AC system depends on factors, such as the number of windows in your home, the square footage, etc.

Making sure you get the most for your cooling dollar takes some work. To get more information in this respect, go online and review your options. Schedule an inspection and maintenance today to ensure that you are paying a reasonable amount of energy.