5 Reasons To Consider Air Conditioner Replacement In Atlanta

Deciding to upgrade an old air conditioning unit to a new model is never easy. There is always a feeling by the Atlanta homeowner that the system may make it through another year, saving the cost of an air conditioner replacement.

The flip side of the thought is the reality of an old air conditioner breaking down in the heat of the summer. This scenario can make things difficult for the homeowner as there will be limited time to consider options and find a sale or a great deal from an Atlanta HVAC company.

If there is any doubt that now is the time to plan for an air conditioner replacement, here are six important reasons why this is an important upgrade to consider.

Greater Efficiency

New air conditioners are more efficient than the old system. This means they cool faster with less energy. They are also longer lasting than older units and will be able to operate for years with just basic maintenance requirements.

Environmental Benefits

The benefit to the environment in choosing an air conditioner replacement is important to many people and families. A more efficient system is also less likely to have leaks, all which helps to protect the environment.

Health Impact

Old air conditioner systems can have moldy drains and mold in the unit due to the accumulation of moisture throughout the year. This can irritate those with allergies and asthma, but with a replacement and duct cleaning, the mold and allergens can be greatly reduced.

Home Comfort

Most older air conditioners do not provide the consistent cooling required to keep all of the areas of the home at the same temperature. With new systems, more uniform cooling will be noticed without any additional cost on the electric bill.

Greater Cooling Ability

New systems will also cool the home faster to the desired temperature. They can maintain the cool temperature as well, helping to reduce the number of times the system cycles on and off, helping to extend the life of the system.