Scheduling AC Service in Stuart, FL

Summers in Florida means oppressive heat and humidity every day. Your air conditioner has to work overtime to help keep your home cool and comfortable. You may think it’s not working as well as it used to. Keeping a well-maintained unit can be useful for keeping utilities as low as possible, as well as providing comfort for your family. How do you know when to call a professional for AC service in Stuart, FL?

Reasons to Obtain AC Service in Stuart, FL

You don’t wait until your car’s check engine light comes on to perform general maintenance. Periodically, you drive it in to get the oil changed and have everything checked out. The goal is to keep the check engine light from coming on in the first place. Air conditioning service and maintenance are similar. Servicing the unit regularly can often prevent emergencies. You can do the easy stuff like changing out filters or cleaning condenser coils, but you need a professional to provide AC service in Stuart, FL, periodically.

What AC Service Includes

An AC professional will come to your house to inspect the unit. The tech will check the unit’s refrigerant levels, look for leaks, measure airflow and check the belts for wear and tightness. They will take a look at the electric terminals, tighten connections and inspect the thermostat.

How Often Should My AC Be Serviced?

A technician should provide maintenance and AC service in Stuart, FL, at least one time each year. It’s best to have a unit serviced before the heat of summer reaches its peak. However, since the region is warm year round, any time works for getting the air conditioning checked and serviced.

If you need AC service in Stuart, FL, visit the AC Medic website to learn how a professional can help keep your unit running efficiently.