Reasons for Fall Service of Heating in Maple Grove

After a never-ending hot summer, most people are glad to turn off the air conditioner until spring comes around. However, it may be wise to rethink that strategy. Before shutting down the AC for the season, it’s important to have it evaluated and serviced by a licensed, certified contractor. HVAC services completed in the fall often have better outcomes than when done in the midst of summer. Here, homeowners will learn some of the advantages of replacing their heating and cooling systems in the fall.

Saving Money

By servicing or replacing a system during the fall, customers put time on their side. They have more time to choose the right equipment for their needs rather than simply replacing what they had. A fall replacement also gives customers time to look for the right service company. The odds are that companies will be more available during this time.

Right-Sizing the System

If a customer calls for service on their Heating in Maple Grove, the contractor may run new calculations on the home’s cooling requirements, airflow, and ductwork. Much may have changed since the original system’s installation, and such changes can affect the type and size of the system needed to sufficiently heat and cool the home. For instance, if insulation was added or windows were upgraded, it may be necessary to use a different size system. Choosing the wrong system causes problems such as those listed below.

  • A too-small system won’t keep up during the summer.
  • A too-large system will power cycle too often and cause drastic indoor temperature fluctuations.
  • In humid areas, an incorrectly sized system will leave moisture in the home, causing problems with air quality and breathability.

Closing vents can cause similar issues. It makes the home seem smaller to the system, and along with comfort problems, may cause premature system failure. Talk to a local contractor about systems with included capacity modulation.

Get the HVAC System Checked Today

The average HVAC system is replaced when it is approximately 15 years old, depending on its cumulative runtime and other factors. Therefore, if the system is aging or if it’s having problems, it may be worthwhile to find a contractor who’s knowledgeable about the best options for Heating in Maple Grove. Click here for more details or call Sabre Heating & Air Conditioning today.