What is an HVAC Air Handler?

This term refers to one system that controls all the aspects of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Air handlers are constructed inside metal boxes and contain a blower, dampers, racks or chambers for filtration purposes, and heating and cooling elements. They are designed to be exceptionally efficient compared to other systems and install quickly. A variety of sizes and features are offered to accommodate any HVAC Air Handler need.

Residential Uses

Some products are designed to be compact for new construction and renovations of homes. The unit, such as a Rheem RHAL, can be placed into a corner cabinet or small alcove and kept out of sight. This makes the unit accessible for repairs and maintenance without taking up a large amount of space. This is essential at a time when houses and apartments are being constructed to be smaller in size to deal with a growing population.

Commercial Purposes

An HVAC Air Handler for commercial uses will be larger, more powerful, and include more features to direct air in any direction. A restaurant, for example, will need even and consistent air flow in the dining area, but may want stronger air going into the kitchen. Large commercial building with multiple uses, such as a hospital or recreation center, may elect to use two air handlers to suit the differing needs of each wing or section.

Selection Assistance

It can be difficult to decide which model and size of air handler is best to have installed into a home or business. An experienced company will be able to help. An inspection of the space and an assessment of current HVAC needs informs the recommendations of professionals. Options and free estimates are given to customers, so they can make an informed decision.

The unit chosen can be scheduled for installation and the results are comfort and savings. Research companies in the area to find one with experience installing, repairing, and maintaining air handlers. To expedite the search, go to for details and to schedule an inspection. One system means less money spent on repairs and less time worrying about a furnace or air conditioner to fail. You can connect us at Linkedin.