Maintaining Your HVAC System in Atlanta, GA

Your HVAC system in Atlanta, GA, is extremely important for staying comfortable in your building during all seasons of the year. Unfortunately, HVAC systems can get old and start functioning improperly, which can lead to discomfort. However, certain measures will allow your HVAC system to remain safe and effective for a longer amount of time.

Replace the Filters

The filters in your HVAC system in Atlanta, GA, will eventually require a replacement, which means you will need to regularly inspect the filters to determine when this is necessary. You will likely need to replace most filters every one to six months.

Check the Air-Handlers

Water can sometimes gather in the area near the air intake, and too much water can eventually cause mold and fungus to grow there. The spores of the mold can then get into the ventilation system throughout your entire building. In order to avoid a moldy ventilation system, you will need to check for pools of water near the air-handlers about twice yearly.

Repair All Leaks

You should fix any leaks in your air ducts. Every year, you will have to check for leaks in the supply duct. The air supply ducts contain air with a high pressure, which means the tiniest cracks can still result in serious leaks.

Keep the Air Ducts and Dampers Clean.

Every two years, you should inspect your air ducts for dirt and dust. You should check both the supply ducts and the return air ducts. If you find your air ducts are not as spotless as you would like them to be, you will need to get cleaning. The dampers also need to stay clean because dirty dampers can become sticky. When they don’t function, the cooling coil can overheat so you want to clean them often and lubricate them about once a year.

You want to make sure everyone in your building is safe and happy during Atlanta’s warmer summers and colder winters, which means you need to have an HVAC system that is effective all year. HVAC systems in Atlanta, GA, can degrade over time because they get old, dirty and moldy. Therefore, you have to inspect different parts of it frequently. As long as you fix anything that requires a repair, you should be able to maintain your HVAC system for a long period of time.