What To Do Before Calling A Kauai HVAC Service

Coming home after a long day at work or getting up in the morning to a hot house and no air conditioning is never a pleasant experience. When this happens, the first thing most homeowners in Kauai do is to start looking for the phone number of their trusted HVAC service.

For most people in the area, this means a phone call to Island Comfort Air Conditioning. As a top HVAC service and repair company, they have the professional staff and expertise to work on all major brands and types of residential air conditioning systems. However, an air conditioner that is not working is not always an air conditioner in need of repair.

To help ensure it is a repair issue and not an unrelated problem, try the following quick checks before calling the HVAC service and going another minute without cool air in the home.

Check the Power

The air conditioner should be on a separate breaker, which means the power in the rest of the home may be on even if the breaker for the AC unit is off. Check the breaker box or any switches on the unit to ensure there is power. Should the breaker trip after putting it on, leave it off and call the HVAC service immediately.

Check the Thermostat

Manual or programmable or smart thermostats can accidentally be changed or moved, so the system is not cooling. Check to make sure the correct temperature is selected. With the wall units of programmable or touch types of a thermostat, check to make sure the panel is on and there is no low battery indicator light flashing.

Check the Filter

If there is debris or a lot of dust and material clogging the filter, simply removing and cleaning or replacing the filter may be all that is required. However, do not reuse a single use filter and do not operate the system without a filter in place. If you are not sure about the filter, talk to your HVAC technician, and he or she can show you where it is and how to replace the filter the next time.