Easy Filter Changing Enhances Air Conditioning in Davenport FL

A happy, sanitary home can be enhanced with proper indoor air filtration. A smart way to achieve this is through improvement of air conditioning in Davenport FL. By regularly changing air filters, a homeowner can reduce indoor air pollutants by 55% to 78%. Learn how to change this handy device by implementing the following tips. Ensure that all suggestions adhere to the manufacturer’s operating guidelines.

Find the Filter Compartment

An air conditioner can have more than one filter compartment. This section is typically located in the blower compartment or return air duct. Being situated in this area enables a filter to clean indoor air before it passes through the air handler. When a filter compartment can’t easily be located, refer to the manufacturer’s operating manual. This information can also be ascertained from the seller of the product or by calling the manufacturer.

Remove the Current Filter

Carefully remove the filter compartment cover. This access panel may have fasteners holding it in place. Remove this hardware and place it with the compartment cover to the side. It may be necessary to use a flashlight to see the filter. Slowly remove the filter and place it in a bag. Use the hand attachment of a vacuum to suction out debris from the filter compartment.

Clean or Replace the Filter

A filter is disposable or reusable. A disposable filter should be placed outside in a closed bag. Place a new filter with the same dimensions in the compartment. Replace the cover and any fasteners. Take a reusable filter outdoors to clean it. Doing this will help prevent pollutants on its surface from reentering indoor air. Use a cloth to remove as much surface debris as possible. Next, suction off as much debris as possible with the hand attachment of a vacuum. Use a household cleanser and hand towel to remove remaining surface materials. After allowing the reusable filter to dry, place it into its former position in the filter compartment. Replace the cover and any fasteners.

By using these easy steps, filter changing can be done efficiently and without hassle. Filter changing helps keep indoor air sanitary and pleasant smelling. It also helps decrease the workload performed by an air conditioner, which increases AC system longevity. For information on services for air conditioning in Davenport FL, please contact us by the information on the company website.