Air Conditioning Units In Omaha, NE Should Be Regularly Serviced

Whether it’s a residential or commercial air conditioning unit, a trained technician should regularly service it. Regular service will reduce unexpected and costly repairs. Another reason air conditioning units in Omaha NE should be regularly serviced is that routine servicing will extend the life of the unit and reduce energy costs.

If an air conditioning system is not providing enough cool air to the building, it probably needs to be serviced or replaced. An HVAC company can evaluate the current HVAC system and determine what would be the best fit for the structure. A unit that is too large is just as detrimental as a unit that is too small.

Does A Commercial Unit Need To Be Replaced?

Companies often think a commercial air conditioning unit will last forever because it’s operating. Even if a system is keeping a building comfortable, a business needs to evaluate their energy costs during the summer months. Aging or faulty conditioning systems will increase energy costs and reduce the profit of a business.

Switching HVAC system improves energy efficiency and reduces energy costs. A trained consultant will provide a workable solution for the business. A rooftop heating and air conditioning system will save space around the building and provide the energy efficiency needed for lower energy costs.

Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Residential and commercial customers can benefit from purchasing a maintenance agreement. This agreement will cover the heating and air conditioning units in Omaha NE. Benefits of the program include extended equipment life, a discount on service repairs, improved indoor air quality, fewer breakdowns, locked-in labor rates for air conditioning units, and much more.

Furnace maintenance agreements include:

  • Cleaning the Pilot Light
  • Check and Clean Burners
  • Lubricate the Motor
  • Inspect Flue Pipes
  • Oil Fan and Blower
  • Check Filters
  • Check Safety Limit Switch
  • Check Roll Out Safety Switch
  • Check Pressure Switches
  • Inspect Belts and Tension
  • Test for Carbon Monoxide
  • Check Gas Pressure
  • Check Thermostat
  • check Heat Anticipator
  • And much more.

Accurate Heating & Cooling can provide outstanding HVAC services to residential and commercial customers in the Omaha area. Browse the website and find out more about all the services and how they can keep you comfortable all year round.