4 Warning Signs Your Home Needs Heating Service in Greenwich, CT

A furnace will last up to twenty years before it needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, problems can begin to arise well before the lifespan is up on a furnace. Being able to recognize the signs of problems with a heater will allow homeowners to be prepared to schedule a technician appointment for Heating Service in Greenwich CT.

Signs of Heater Problems

There are multiple problems that begin to occur when a homeowner needs Heating Service in Greenwich CT. If a homeowner continues to ignore the warning signs, the problems will only worsen and lead to more expensive repairs.

  • One of the first signs that is often noticed is a lack of heating ability. As a furnace ages, it can begin to experience problems that lead to a lack of heat. If the furnace is putting out cool air, it needs to be shut down right away so repairs can be carried out.
  • It is not uncommon for a furnace to begin making strange noises when problems arise. A furnace that is making odd noises could have loose or broken parts that need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Homeowners may notice their furnace emits strange smells. While it is normal for a slight burning smell to occur when the furnace is first turned on, this should not happen again. If it is occurring, the unit needs to be shut down right away, and a technician called because this could mean there is an increased risk of fire.
  • A homeowner may notice their furnace seems to cause their energy costs to skyrocket. When a heater is failing, energy expenditure will often increase dramatically. Seeking prompt repairs is crucial for ensuring the furnace can be brought back to proper working order.

Schedule a Repair Appointment

If your furnace is exhibiting any of the above symptoms, repairs should be carried out right away. Contact Climate Care today to schedule your appointment. They are the HVAC professionals homeowners are able to fully rely on for all of their repair and installation needs.

When your furnace needs repair, it is imperative it is not operated. With repairs, you can rest assured your home will be warm all winter long. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.