A Quick Guide to Maximizing the Life of Your Air Conditioning System

Making your air conditioning system last takes work, but it is worth it so that you do not have to replace it prematurely. The following are a few tips that could help maximize the life of your AC.

A Bit Lower

One thing some homeowners don’t do is set the thermostat at a lower temperature when it gets hotter outside. The AC is going to be working harder these days, so setting the temperature a little lower than you normally would should give your AC a much needed power boost that may make it easier to keep your home cool without overworking the equipment.

Frequent Service

You do not want to forget scheduling your AC service in Pensacola, FL, as recommended. Your air conditioning unit’s manual will tell you how often you should have it serviced, so try to stick to that schedule. Typically, you must have it serviced once a year, but this depends on how you use the AC and what it says in the manual.

Promote Coolness

Yes, your AC is working hard to keep you and your family cool, but it could always use a little help. You can make sure there are no cracks in your walls that could allow treated air to escape. It’s also important that you keep your windows closed and make sure the seals are sealed properly. You need to use drapes or blackout curtains to block UV rays, which are not only harmful to your skin but can also heat up your home, making your AC system work harder than it needs to.

These are just a few things you can do to decrease your chances of calling for emergency AC service in Pensacola. There is always more to do, like making sure your air filter is changed every few months as recommended and making sure the outdoor unit is free of debris. Hopefully, these tips will help keep your AC unit working well for a long time.

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