Cincinnati Homes Can Keep their Air Conditioners Efficient with These Tips

Air conditioning is a necessity for Ohio homes. Without it, the outdoor humidity will make it unbearable to be inside your house. It’s important, though, to balance the need for cool, dry air with the cost of running a central air conditioning unit during the hot summer months. There are a few things you can do to keep your home cool while staying within a budget.

Close the Windows

One of the most common ways people reduce the efficiency of their air conditioners is to let hot air into the house while the system is running. Companies that offer HVAC Services Hamilton, OH homeowners trust advise customers to ensure none of their windows are drafty to make the most of their air conditioning system.

Change the Filter

The filter keeps the circulating air clean but if it can get clogged over time. The frequency of changing the filter depends on your household. For many people, once per season is adequate. However, if someone in your home smokes, has allergies or owns a pet, you should change it once a month. A service technician from Living Comfort HVAC LLC will change the filter during your annual maintenance visit.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance ensures your air conditioning system is clean before you use it the first time every year. By scheduling this appointment in the spring, you can be sure you get the HVAC Services Hamilton, OH homeowners like you need.

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