What’s That Burning Smell Coming From Mt. Pleasant Heaters When They’re Turned On?

There’s nothing quite like feeling the heat come on for the first time in winter. Except smelling that awful burning smell. Dust settles on everything, though, so it burns off when we turn on the heat for the first time.

Other burning smells aren’t so normal. Mt. Pleasant heating and cooling professionals want you to know the burning smells for which you need to call them pronto.

Burning Dust Smell

When the unit is turned on, the dust that has settled onto the coils and in the heat exchanger will burn off. If the smell persists, then you need to change your air filters. The accumulated dust will produce a burning smell when the heat hits them.

Electrical Smells

If the system overheats, it usually shuts itself down to avoid fire. However, if something is damaged, it might keep running too hot for safety. Burning wires emit an acrid burning smell. Call the pros immediately.

Burning Plastic Or Rubber Odor

These smells can’t be mistaken. The chances are good that a toy or other item has gotten into the system. Turn off the system at once and fish out the intruder. If you can’t find it, then call Mt. Pleasant heating and cooling professionals. We have the equipment to locate these things.


Storing boxes, cloth, chemicals, or toys around the heating system or the vents could cause burning smells when the heat hits the objects. Move anything too close to the system and vents to avoid burning. Custom Climate HVAC can help you with burning smells when you contact us at https://customclimatehvac.com.