4 Quick Tips to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring in McDonough, GA

With spring and summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your HVAC system ready for the transition. Some things you can do on your own. Other preparations require professional heating and cooling service in McDonough, GA.

In addition to changing the air filter, here are four more ways to get your system ready for warmer weather.

1. Clear Debris from Around the Unit

Before turning on the air conditioner for the first time, take time to clear away any debris that has accumulated around the unit. Trash, dead plants, and other types of debris ignored during the winter may block the unit and prevent it from performing at optimal levels.

2. Consider Upgrading the Thermostat

If you are like some homeowners, you may not be aware that the thermostat could be the primary culprit causing you to lose money to energy costs. By upgrading your old thermostat to a programmable one, you gain greater control over the temperature in your home to keep it comfortable year-round.

3. Clean Supply Vents and Return Air Grills

Throughout the winter months, the vents and grills in your home have had many opportunities to collect dust, pet hair, and other trash. This is the best time to clean them off as the seasons begin to change.

4. Schedule an HVAC System Tune-up

Professional heating and cooling service in McDonough, GA is the best thing to do when making sure your HVAC functions right. Trust Business Name to get your system ready for warm weather.