HVAC Contractors Diagnose and Repair Noisy Residential Heating Systems

Homeowners who have noticed that the furnace is becoming progressively noisier will want to schedule an appointment with HVAC Contractors in St. Louis. If the appliance is still within the typical lifespan for a furnace and is otherwise in decent shape, repair work or adjustments should solve the problem.

Blower Motor Malfunctions

Several issues can lead to more noise than usual when the furnace is running. For example, the blower motor may be wearing out or some components are not working properly. Normally these motors never need to be replaced since the entire furnace typically requires replacement before the motor burns out. Sometimes lubricating the bearings solves the problem.

If the motor has failed early, HVAC contractors in St. Louis will want to learn why this happened. They can replace the device, but they want to prevent the problem from occurring again. If the customers had never bothered with annual maintenance for the furnace, that might have caused the motor to wear out.

Loose Ductwork or Gaps

Rattling noises may be coming from the air ducts instead of from the appliance. Ductwork may have become a bit loose in some places over the years. Heating and cooling technicians can tighten up these areas and significantly reduce noise.

Gaps in ducts can produce whistling noises. Heating and cooling technicians seal those gaps with silicone. Sealing those spaces is important for preventing loss of heat into basements and closed utility rooms.

Repair work is provided by Classic Aire Care, which offers information on its services.