Don’t Melt: Schedule Routine Heating And Cooling Unit Maintenance in Neenah, WI

Now is most certainly not the time for your air conditioning to go on the blink. A malfunction at this time of the year would leave you and your family melting in misery and fighting over that coveted space in front of the open fridge. If you’re currently experiencing the woes of a constant unplanned sauna, or realize this might be an imminent possibility, you may need to consider calling in a professional.

In most cases, heating and cooling in Neenah, WI isn’t a quick DIY project. Small matters like changing out the filters, keeping grass and shrubs cut away from the outside unit and making sure inside vents aren’t blocked are parts of the process you can carry out on your own. More involved issues, though, are best left to the trained technician.

Malfunctions and system-wide breakdowns can be caused by any number of factors. At the same time, they can occur anywhere between deep inside the outdoor unit and the thermostat inside your home. The problem can be electrical, mechanical or a combination of both.

Though repairs may appear as simple to you as wrapping an exposed wire with electrical tape, a decision like this may cause an electrical shortage in the system or even result in a house fire. It’s more likely to reduce the lifespan of your unit and leave you sweating again in a few days than to have such dire consequences. Still, the possibility exists.

Incidentally, in only a couple months, you’ll be clinging to your heating system for a reprieve from the cold. The cycle never ends. While you’re having your air conditioning repaired, tuned up or checked out for the sake of caution, having the technician carry out heating and cooling unit maintenance in Neenah, WI on this next system to be needed couldn’t hurt.

Paying attention to those little tasks you can perform on your own goes a long way toward extending the lives of your heating and air conditioning systems, but they’re only a small component in the process. Routine maintenance helps keep breakdowns to a minimum, so your home is always comfortable. Visit Bob’s Quality Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment.