4 Air Conditioning Repairs in Pensacola That Can Help Homeowners Get Ready for Summer

Air conditioning repairs in Pensacola aren’t difficult, but they are important in ensuring the system’s continued efficient operation. Residential HVAC systems use up to 30% more energy if they’re not properly maintained, and customers’ utility bills can suffer. Below are four things that local homeowners can do to get their AC units ready for the heat of summer.

Clean and Maintain Filters

A clogged AC filter can lead to diminished cooling and higher utility bills, as the unit is forced to work harder to cool the home. Particles stuck in the filter can adversely affect the quality of indoor air, as they’re released into the home. Filters can accumulate debris rather quickly, and they should be changed at least once per month during the heaviest usage times. Most homeowners can change filters on their own, but anyone in doubt should call an HVAC technician for help.

Leaks and Air Flow Blockages

Blockages and leaks in ductwork can cut the airflow to the HVAC unit, but a contractor can check the system and blower parts for damage. If the home is equipped with a fireplace, the damper should be closed to prevent the escape of cool air. Homeowners should check windows, doors, and walls for leaks that let cooled air out and warm air in, and leaks should be sealed as soon as they’re discovered.

Coil and Compressor Maintenance

If there’s debris and dirt around the outdoor portion of the system, it should be cleared away regularly. The area around the coils and evaporator should be kept clean, because debris accumulation can damage the system. Even if the condenser and coils are indoors, they should be cleaned on a regular basis as dirty coils can raise utility bills and affect system efficiency.

Prompt Repair

As summer approaches, it is wise to hire Peaden, INC to inspect and service the system. Certified technicians can tighten electrical connections, check circuit breakers and fuses, and replace worn wiring. The tech can add refrigerant if necessary, and they can lubricate moving parts, inspect hoses for damage and conduct air conditioning repairs in Pensacola to get the system ready for summer.

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