How to Find Bathroom Renovation Contractors In Tucson

While many may believe tackling a bathroom remodel is a DIY project, hiring a contractor is a better idea. The main reason is that you’ll be running into projects including electrical, plumbing, tiling, and so on. Hiring a contractor will also ensure the job is done right the first time. Now, the question is where you can find a reputable one?

Finding bathroom renovation contractors In Tucson

Ultimately, you want to hire a contractor within your locale. That way, you can check their references among other members of your community. Here are some tips for finding a contractor near you:

  • Make a List of Local Contractors

Browse the Internet and ask community members who are working on bathroom renovations. Do you know someone who has recently had this done? Ask for recommendations. Start narrowing down your list by reading online reviews and based on your conversations.

  • Compare Portfolios

Does the contractor specialize in bathroom renovations? Has their team completed a lot of jobs similar to the scope of work you need? Ask contractors to supply a portfolio showing examples of their work. That way you can use them as a basis of comparison.

  • Check Their References

Checking references is a step you shouldn’t neglect. Reputable contractors will expect you to ask for references and will have a list ready. They’ll have a list that includes the job’s date, name, address, and phone number for every customer.

  • Request Estimates

Once you go through the elimination process, it’s time to request estimates. Consult with the contractor regarding your renovation. They’ll provide you with an estimate outlining the materials, labor costs, and timeline for the project. Request an estimate from three contractors so you can narrow it down to one.

  • The Bottom Line

Don’t forget to check social media. Local bathroom renovation contractors use social media for advertising their services when they don’t have a website. Community members will also post reviews of their services on social media. Therefore, looking on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are excellent resources for finding bathroom renovation contractors In Tucson.

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