Using Plumbing Contractors in Tucson To Fix A Burst Pipe

When freezing temperatures are present, any pipes not properly protected are at risk for bursting. This could cause damage to the home and items within reach. To avoid this, taking steps to keep pipes from freezing is necessary. If a pipe gives someone trouble, they could then call one of the Plumbing Contractors in Tucson to tend to the problem.

One good way to keep pipes from bursting is to make sure each one located in a cooler area of the home is covered. Insulating pipe sleeve or tape can be added to the pipes to keep the water inside from freezing. These supplies can be purchased from a hardware or home goods store in the plumbing section and is a quick solution in keeping pipes intact.

Pipes leading to the exterior of the home should be turned off during cold weather so water is not circulating inside. Allow the outside faucet to remain on so any water inside the pipe will drip out instead of turning into a block of ice inside. When weather gets warmer, simply turn the spigot back on to allow water to flow once again.

Opening cabinet doors containing pipes inside is a good way to warm them. This will keep sink pipes from freezing as the heat from the home will make its way to the exterior of the pipes, warming them enough to keep them from freezing.

Allow faucets to drip when weather gets cooler. This will keep water moving inside of the pipes, keeping it from settling in one place where it can easily freeze. The cold water can be kept on so the hot water heater does not need to keep working at heating water as it is used.

If someone wishes to learn more about ways to keep pipes from freezing, they can contact one of the Plumbing Contractors in Tucson to find out some tips. If a pipe bursts, a call can be made to this service to have the pipe repaired right away. For more information visit Done Rite Services.