Three Tips on How to Use Your Portable Home Air Conditioner Effectively

When it comes to climate control, a portable air conditioner can be a huge asset. They are valuable if you need to cool down an exterior building with no central air or just a small area when you don’t want to run the HVAC in the entire house. If you have a portable home air conditioner, you want to get the most out of it. Here are three tips you can use to do just that.

Straighten the Exhaust Hose

Keep the exhaust hose in that runs from the window to your air conditioner as straight as possible. Any kink or twist in the hose restricts airflow which could cause the unit to overheat or become inefficient. If you can’t straighten yours, consider replacing it with a shorter hose.

Stay On Top Of the Filter

Make sure you change the air filter regularly. If you don’t’, it gets dirty and clogged. This will cause a restriction in airflow. In some cases, it could even become a fire hazard. Always try to install a HEPA filter in your portable home air conditioner if possible. If the unit is in constant use, you should replace the filter every six weeks.

Stay Ahead Of the Heat

Don’t wait until the room is extremely hot to turn on the AC. You should preemptively turn on the unit before it gets hot to prevent it from having to overwork. If it’s scorching hot, it will be much harder for the air conditioner to turn the hot air into cold air.

If you are having issues cooling your home and, think about adding a portable AC unit to your HVAC system. For more information on which portable AC is right for you.