4 Benefits of Using a Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Many people live in apartment buildings that prohibit window air conditioning units or in buildings that don’t allow renters to set their thermostats to their comfort level. In situations like these, a portable air conditioning unit comes in handy. Not only do portable units allow for greater temperature control, but they also offer the following benefits.

Great for Small Spaces

Today’s portable AC units work well in small spaces like one-bedroom convertible and studio apartments. They’re also great in office spaces where the air conditioning leaves much to be desired.

Lower Cooling Costs

Surprisingly, portable AC units are cheaper to operate than central cooling units. These units use less energy and won’t run up one’s energy bill. Some people choose to use portable units over central cooling for this reason alone.

Zoned Temperature Control

Some rooms might receive more sunlight than other rooms. These areas often warm faster and don’t cool down as fast when the air conditioning is running. Spot cooling units work well for zoned cooling and are especially great in sunny rooms and second-floor bedrooms where it’s typically warmer because heat rises.

Dehumidifies Rooms

Sometimes rooms feel stuffy and warmer because the AC unit hasn’t done a good job removing the humidity from the air. Many portable units cool and dehumidify at the same time, making rooms more comfortable.

Portable air conditioning units work well in other spaces besides apartments. They’re also great in vacation rentals, RVs, and even pop-up tents for the ultimate glamping experience.