Preventing the Need for Air Conditioning Repair in Jacksonville FL With Annual Maintenance

Having annual maintenance performed on the central air conditioning system once each year helps prevent the need for expensive Air Conditioning Repair in Jacksonville FL. Even when the unit seems to be working fine, a breakdown can occur suddenly. This seems to usually happen on one of the hottest days of the year, which makes sense because that’s when the air conditioner works the hardest.

Checking Refrigerant for Leaks

For instance, a technician will check the refrigerant level and discover if there are any leaks. If this task isn’t done and the refrigerant gets too low, the compressor can fail. This type of Air Conditioning Repair Jacksonville FLO is one of the more expensive projects, making the homeowners wish they had scheduled the annual maintenance appointment as recommended.

Making Sure the Unit Is Level

Technicians also make sure the compressor stays level year after year. The ground under the pad can settle and minor earth shifts are normal. If the unit doesn’t stay level, the compressor can fail. If the pad has shifted to any degree, the workers shore it up again.

Lubricating and Cleaning Components

Lubrication of the motor and other parts is essential for keeping everything running smoothly, just as is true of vehicles. Parts can break when they are not fully lubricated. Eliminating dust and debris from the evaporator coil, condenser coil and other components also is an important task. Brushes and a vacuum cleaner are used for this purpose. Belts are checked for wear and tear, since a broken belt means a call to a repair technician for help.
Preventing Reduced Efficiency

In addition to the risk of the system malfunctioning, not having the equipment maintained yearly cuts its efficiency. That means the owners pay more in electricity to run the air conditioner, and the unit has to work harder to maintain an optimum temperature. The extra effort shortens its lifespan; central air conditioners last for many years, but eventually, they can no longer be repaired.. Technicians from a company such as Jenkins Heating & Air maintain and repair central air conditioners, helping to keep their customers cool when the weather is hot.