Hiring the Best Possible AC Company in Charleston, SC

Hiring an AC company in Charleston is a task the majority of homeowners and business owners must tackle. Whether you need an air conditioner repair or replacement, it can be confusing how to hire the right company when handed several options. It may seem all HVAC companies are created the same, however, they can be quite different. Each homeowner needs to be sure the AC company they hire offers them the best possible service.

Recommendations and Affiliations

Before a homeowner chooses an air conditioning company, they want to take the most important step and check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if they are members. If this company is a member of the BBB, they need to have a rating of at least an A. To find the profile of this company, look on the BBB’s website.

Past client reviews are helpful to learn about a company’s reputation. These can be found on Yelp, Facebook, Google, and other websites. When viewing reviews on Yelp, homeowners need to be sure to look for hidden comments as well. They can call or message past customers, and they can also ask for recommendations.

Certifications and Licenses

The company that is chosen needs to have proper certification and licensing. Homeowners need to ask to see copies of these and check dates.

Insurance for AC Company Charleston

An AC company in Charleston needs to have the most important paper of all, insurance. It is important for this company to hold Workers Compensation insurance coverage, protecting anyone that may get hurt while working in the home, leaving the homeowner no longer liable.

Due to the dangers involved in air conditioning repair and installation, be sure the contractor has recommended amount of insurance coverage for both liability and Workers Compensation.

All Details in Writing

Cost for air conditioner installation and repair can add up quickly. Prior to any type of commitment, a written estimate needs to be put in writing. If a homeowner wants more substantial work completed than a simple repair, they need to ask for a proposal including all specifications, equipment, and pricing details put in writing.

By a homeowner doing a little research, it can help make them feel at ease knowing the company they hire for their AC repair or installation is honest, qualified, knowledgeable, and reliable.

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