Service Contracts for Heating and Cooling in Oxnard: Are They Worth the Money?

Having a heating and cooling system in the home comes in handy most of the year. Along with enjoying the advantages, it also makes sense to take the steps necessary to maintain the system properly. One approach is to enter into a service contract for heating and cooling in Oxnard. Here are some of the reasons why a contract is in the best interests of the homeowner.

Free or Discounted Service Calls

If something seems to be wrong with the system, it never hurts to have a professional take a look. One thing that causes homeowners to hesitate about contacting a pro is the cost of the service call. If there is already a contract in place to help with the heating and cooling in Oxnard, that service call may be free or at least provided with a discount.

Better Prices for Filters

The system uses two filters, and they do have to be changed from time to time. As part of the terms of the service contract, the client can purchase the filters for a discount. In some cases, the terms of the contract will include the delivery and installation of those new filters. This type of support is especially helpful for clients who have limited mobility or who have health issues that make it unwise for them to climb a ladder and change out the filters by themselves.

A Full System Inspection Every Year

One of the key perks of the service contract is a full system inspection once a year. The inspection is not a quick look at the main unit. Instead, a professional will check the unit closely, take a good look at the lines running into the home, assess the condition of the duct work in the attic, and run the controls through a series of tests. If there is any minor issue developing with the system, there’s a good chance the pro will uncover it during that annual inspection.

If the home heating and cooling system is not covered by a service contract at present, click here and arrange to talk with a representative. The professional will visit the home, identify the make and model of the unit, and provide the homeowner with some options for a maintenance agreement. For more details contact Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating today.