Saving Energy in Charleston, SC with a Programmable Thermostat

Homeowners can save money by adjusting their property’s temperature when the furnace or central air is in use. A programmable thermostat is helpful for people who keep relatively regular schedules. Heating and air conditioning contractors offering HVAC services in Charleston, SC, can install these devices during a service appointment.

An Example

Programmable thermostats make convenient, automatic temperature changes. For example, during the winter, the family might program the device to drop to 64 degrees for sleeping. The temperature would rise to 68 or 69 degrees when the first person is due to wake. Sleeping at a lower temperature may be comfortable under blankets but might feel too chilly for showering.

Expert Insight

For every eight hours, adjusting the temperature one degree to use less energy translates to a 1% savings in utility costs. That’s according to U.S. Department of Energy data. 

The household might experiment with temperature settings at home and determine whether they’ll feel comfortable with modifications. The thermostat might be adjusted even further when everyone’s away for the day. The family could reduce their bills by 5% or more annually.


Although the technician offering service for HVAC in Charleston, SC, can program the equipment for the customers, they’ll need to learn how to do so as well. At the very least, somebody should know how to override the system when the usual schedule changes. Weekends might always be on an override, but holidays and vacations must be accounted for.

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