Benefits of Contacting Pittsburgh, PA Heating and Air Conditioning Experts when your System is Not Working

When the heating and air conditioning or HVAC system in your home is not working properly, it can lead to very uncomfortable conditions in your home. Since this type of situation can impact both you and the other people who reside in your home, you will need to correct the problem quickly and efficiently. Often, the best way to do this can be by calling Pittsburgh, PA Heating and Air Conditioning Experts for assistance.

Professional technicians who are experienced in handling problems with HVAC systems will often be able to locate the problem with the system in a timely manner. In most cases, the repair person will first do a review of the basic components of the system. This generally will start with the thermostat.

Since the thermostat controls when the system switches on and off, it is important to ensure it is recording the proper temperature in the home. A technician will generally calibrate the unit by using a digital infrared thermostat tool. If the thermostat is still not working properly after it has been calibrated, it may need replacement.

The blower on the system will also need to be inspected by one of Pittsburgh, PA, Heating and Air Conditioning Experts. Both the heating and air conditioning units use the blower to move air into and out of the system. If this unit is not working as it should, air will be cooled or heated but never sent into the ventilation system of the home. Frequently this unit will not function properly due to excess dirt in the unit. The air filter on the blower can be clogged with dirt, and this will block air from moving correctly. In addition, if dirt is clogging vents, the motor on the unit can become too hot and burn out. A homeowner may be able to clean and replace the air filter on the system easily. However, if the motor is burnt out, a professional will need to handle the repairs or replacement of the unit.

If the HVAC system in your home is not working, contacting a professional like Sullivan Super Service can be the best way to resolve the issue. A company with experienced technicians will be able to inspect the unit and locate the problem quickly. Repairs can then be handled, and the unit will be working again in a short amount of time.