Three Key Warning Signs of a Failing Air Conditioning in St Charles

The thought of a hot, humid summer will have many people itching for the cold winter months. But before you sweat over the idea of a failing air conditioning in St Charles, take heed: there are warning signs that can help you identify when your A/C is on its last leg. Below, we’ve compiled this list of four clear warning signs that your system might not be up to par.

1. Weak Air Inflow

Weak air inflow is one of the top signs of a failing AC. If you notice your vents aren’t blowing in the right air pressure, the problem could be in the compressor. Therefore, you must contact a technician as soon as possible before the problem aggravates.

2. Presence of Strange Noise

Normally, your AC should run quietly and efficiently. However, if you start hearing some squealing, rattling, or buzzing sounds from the system, know that something is a mess. It could be that the belts are slipping or loose. In order to be sure of the root cause, contact an expert.

3. Increasing Energy Bills

Another indicator of failing air conditioning in St Charles is increasing energy bills. A faulty AC will struggle in its operation to achieve the desired temperature. In the process, it will consume lots of energy, leading to increased electric bills.

If you witness any of the mentioned warning signs, you should respond quickly by hiring a technician. At Blue Frost Heating & Cooling, we are experts in HVAC repairs and installation. Therefore, contact us today and have your problem sorted. Also, you can visit their website to learn more about our services.