Never Ignore These Signs You Need Emergency HVAC in Chicago, IL

Are you ignoring signs that you need your heating and cooling system serviced? Putting off these repairs can cause you to need emergency HVAC in Chicago. Stay alert to these signs of impending problems and call for service today.

Noisy Operation

Your HVAC system makes noises when it kicks on and shuts off, but it shouldn’t make loud, abnormal sounds during operation. If you hear rattling, rumbling, squealing, or any other strange sound, turn off the system and call for emergency repair service.

Burning Odors

When you turn on your furnace for the first time at the beginning of the heating season, you might notice a smoky or burning odor. This odor is normal during the first one or two cycles because the heater is burning off accumulated dust or debris. If the odor persists after the second cycle, you might have an electrical or mechanical problem. Stop using the heating system until an HVAC technician can troubleshoot the problem.

Short Cycling

HVAC systems run a few times for about 10 minutes every hour. During extreme temperatures, you might notice your system running more. However, it should always complete a cycle. If it turns off within a few seconds of starting and quickly turns back on, this is called short cycling. You want to figure out what’s causing the unit to short cycle to prevent unnecessary wear and tear, energy losses, and unexpected breakdowns. Call for repairs right away!

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